Adventures of a Teenage Detective


LAUREN. The Adventures of a Teenage Detective

Houston Detective, Lawrence Bloom is murdered by a career criminal. Twenty-four hours after his death this wife ESTHER gives birth to a beautiful daughter. She names her, “LAUREN.”

The protective mother shields her daughter from the pain of the event for many years. When Lauren reaches her 10th birthday she discovers the circumstances surrounding her father’s death.

She finds a secret room that was once used by her father - untouched, full of medals, awards and memorabilia associated with his crime solving techniques. Lauren realizes that her father was a modern Sherlock Holmes and resolves to follow in his footsteps.

She begins by reading everything about Sherlock Holmes – his cases and his life. When Lauren turns thirteen she enrolls in FIST, a program designed to help students participate in a wide variety of activities related to solving cold criminal cases. Sergeant Lazar, the mentor is so impressed by Lauren that he offers her an after-school job as his personal assistant.

Lauren first cold case is a hit and run. When she finds a broken side mirror left at the scene she uses her father’s sophisticated data to identify the make and model of the vehicle. Using the video recordings at each toll she uses her mathematical skills to identify the actual vehicle and the perpetrator.

Lauren encounters a great deal of disrespect from other policemen and adults because of her age. The wannabe detective however, persists handles any adversity with an uncanny ability and continues to solve cold cases chapter by chapter. 

One perpetrator however eludes her – her father’s murderer. Lauren uses all of her skills to finally put him behind bars.

REVIEWS of LAUREN  - The Adventures of a Teenage Detective

Like THE BRASS COMPASS and THE MONKEY TRIAL, “LAUREN” held me in suspense until the final page. I loved every minute of it. Should we be surprised that Hollywood wants to make it into a TV series? Kathryn Raaker Syndicated Talk Show Host (Radio & TV).


Gerald Blumenthal knowsstory-telling inside and out so the stories have that authentic feel. His mysteries will intrigue you to the point that you’ll think that he is a seasoned detective. He didn’t just invent Lauren Bloom. She is the memory of his deceased daughter. Aaron Howard (cultural arts writer for JHV).


In all myyears as a detective I have never come across a novel as authentic as “LAUREN.” It’s truly the real thing. Detective Sgt. Brad Sternberg


The Adventures ofLauren Bloom is Gerald Blumenthal’s richest, most intense tale of suspense yet.  Carlette (Norwood) Ritter - Award Winning Author | On-Air Personality


I have just finished reading "LAUREN."  This is truly a great novel, well crafted and written. It kept me on the edge of my seat I literally could not put it down - each of those stories was so compelling and so clever – Gerald is truly an amazing author. Avril Danziger - Teacher


Dr. Blumenthal, through his teenage detective, Lauren uses forensicscience and good old-fashioned police work to solve real-life cold cases. Quite remarkable!  Detective Josh Nowitz - Investgator


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A Detective is born

“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.”

- From an Irish headstone


As you can see from the newspaper cutting above I was born on December 26th, 1995 just one day after my father was murdered. It wasn’t until I was ten years old that my mother showed me this newspaper cutting and press report. I had seen photographs of my father but knew very little about the circumstances surrounding his death.


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