The Brass Compass is recipient of several awards for historical fiction:



Comments by Michelle Izmaylov, Author of the Galacteran Legacy

"Dazzling. Captivating. Astonishing. A true story of survival and courage, of love and compassion, of hopes and miracles . . . The Brass Compass is a novel beyond the extraordinary. It is a novel after our hearts, set apart by richly detailed writing and shrewd insights into universal struggles and triumphs. Deeply poignant, it is a masterpiece to savor and keep on our bookshelves to read again and again."

Reviewed by Carlette Ritter (Java Scripts Book Store, Bryans Road, MD)

"The Brass Compass is a ground breaking novel that reveals the horrors of the Holocaust, the inner workings of the world of espionage and the efforts of Saddam Hussein to manufacture weapons of mass destruction. Gerald Blumenthal’s first novel is the culmination of his own experiences combined with thousands of hours of interviews with Holocaust survivors and internationally known scientists. Even though it is rooted in so many facts and actual events it has been fictionalized to protect his sources. In The Brass Compass he gives us a true and extraordinary account, through the voice of his character, David."

Comments by Pilar Queen of McCormick & Williams (New York)

"Thanks so much for sharing your work with me. You're a lovely storyteller. The characters and setting come to life and I was engaged every moment."



While Louis was standing his ground, he was unaware of a second guard who had crept up behind him. David and Sarah tried to warn him, but it was too late. The second guard struck Louis a resounding blow to the back of his head.

Louis was unconscious before he hit the ground, but both guards continued to kick his lifeless body, again and again. Sarah ran towards her fallen husband and cursed the guards but was shoved violently to the ground.

Sarah would never forget what happened next.

Six-year-old David ran forward and began pounding on the legs of the nearest guard with his tiny fists. “Leave my papa alone,” he shrieked.

The guard whirled around to face his attacker. He was about to strike out at David when a booming voice broke the silence. The guard stopped dead in his tracks and backed off immediately as he realized that it was his superior. David remained standing, defiant, his tiny fists in the air.

A distraught Sarah immediately knelt beside her stricken husband. His face had turned a muddy shade of purple swirled with blue. Panic-stricken, she looked around for help.

A tall, silver-haired man stepped forward and put his hand on Sarah’s shoulder. “Let me look at him, I’m a doctor.”

“Please,” she pleaded. The doctor knelt down beside Louis and began examining him. Without looking up he told Sarah, “He has inhaled some mud, and it’s blocking his air passage.” He turned Louis over onto his stomach and struck him expertly on the back. After a few anxious moments, Louis coughed up a sod of earth and began gulping for air. In an outpouring of relief, Sarah embraced Louis and began sobbing violently.

To her amazement, Louis winked and whispered in a husky voice, “Don’t worry, everything is going to be okay.”

The doctor told Sarah, “He has a bad head wound as well. I must stop the bleeding immediately. I need some form of bandage. Your headscarf will be perfect.”

Sarah needed no further instruction. She began ripping her scarf into equal lengths and handed them one by one to the doctor. After wrapping Louis’s head, the doctor assisted his patient to a seated position. After a few hearty coughs, Louis began to breathe normally again. Before Sarah could thank the doctor, he had disappeared into the crowd.


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